04 AUG, 2022

Who Will Mine Ethereum After It's Gone?

Rumors of an ongoing proof-of-work version of Ethereum must be viewed with severe care. But by god, it's interesting.

Ethereum's long-awaited transition from a proof-of-work to proof-of-stake-based agreement system is simply over the perspective.

Also the expectancy has produced a bullish narrative for the smart-contract platform. 

That's bittersweet for one really significant group. 

After the merge, current Ethereum miners will be entrusted enormous amounts of computer hardware that will certainly be much, much less valuable.

However some miners are not going gently into that good night. On July 27.

A long time Ethereum investor and miner named Chandler Guo tweeted "ETH PoW coming quickly". 

A declaration, in brief, that Guo would lead his fellow miners to continue sustaining the present proof-of-work based Ethereum chain after the system adjustment known as the Merge.

There are some reasonable disagreements for an ongoing ETH PoW chain, and it would definitely be a remarkable experiment if it moves forward.