18 JUL, 2022

Is Investing in Dogecoin Profitable in 2022?

With an $8.2 billion market value, Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) is the tenth-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

That’s a fairly remarkable accomplishment for a meme token that was initially made as a joke.

Nevertheless, it has substantially lost much of its value, similar to many other tokens.

DOGE, which peaked at a price of $0.74 per token at the height of the crypto craze last year.....

It has subsequently fallen to as little as $0.05 a token this year.

You should conduct a study prior to beginning your investments.

From its top, where Dogecoin is presently trading, that is a fall of more than 90%.

Where is this token going from here? Is the current concern shared by many investors? Is this dog-themed token due for new all-time highs?

Or might there be a further 90 percent collapse after this?