16 JUL, 2022

BSC Whales Prefer Ripple XRP, Own $15.09 Million Worth Of XRP Tokens

Crypto Sector is in a state of meltdown and it is also time for whales to make their kill.

One such altcoins is Ripple’s XRP which has become the hot favorite of BSC Whales.

XRP values have been tanking for some time due to the long running legal wrangle with SEC.

However recent rulings in favor of the token have sent its values up and it has become the favorite for some of the biggest BSC whales.

BSC Whales Hoard $15 Million Value Ripple XRP

The data also reveals that the top 2000 BSC whales own a whopping $15.09 million worth of XRP tokens.

The latest whale activity started post the important announcement regarding the Ripple vs SEC law suit.

Judge Netburn negated the commission’s assertions over Himan’s infamous ETH speech.

The court asked the SEC to produce those internal documents.