21 JUL, 2022

Bitcoin(BTC) Surges Above 200 WMA, Investors Filled With Fear Of FOMO

Bitcoin(BTC) prices have recovered and are surging above the 200 -weekly moving averages (WMA).

With the U.S. Equity market once again on the rise, and once again the fears of recession waning......

The crypto sector especially Bitcoin (BTC) is making a smart recovery.

However investors are filled with a new form of anxiety or what is known in the slang lingo as FOMO.

FOMO or the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ is a slang used among investors for losing an opportunity of making profit from a particular situation.

The crypto sector is intricately linked with the Equity markets and once the equity market starts smiling, the effect is also rubbed on to the crypto sector.

The market has been going buoyant on a number of factors.