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Breaking -Top ETH Token Values Surge By 31% After Update

Manoj Nair



ETH Token

It is rare occurrence when the launch of a new NFT has an immediate effect on cryptocurrencies and this is exactly what happened when Storj, an ETH token ranked 88 in trading volume was launched an its values shot up at a blinding pace.

ETH Token Storj Price Surges

An NFT update on Thursday has helped the token surge by 31.87% from a 24 hour low and the token values surged to 0.9281 when reports last came in. The ETH market cap also saw a massive jump and it has surged from $245 million 24 hours ago to $371 million currently.

Ben Golub, chief executive officer at Storj, said, “Storj is ideal for storing digital assets like NFTs because it brings enterprise-grade performance, durability, and security to Web3. Minting platforms and brands can trust that their customers will always have instant access to their NFTs.”

The news that major brands will be adopting Storj to store elite tickets, gaming, music and sports NFT resources had a positive impact upon the token’s values . Europa Labs, Ultimate Division and AMUZED are some of the new customers of Storj’s.

All the above entities have carved a niche in different fields. Europa Labs is a leader in web 3.0 physical redeemable technology for NFT. Ultimate Division represents a soccer simulation and card collecting game. The game enables players to create their own team with NFT and compete with other players to earn Ultimate Division Tokens.

AMUZED enables music lovers to experience their favorite stars via NFTs. AMUZED is a music manager and needs a quick and affordable options for storing option for users to collect their exclusive tokens.

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