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Cryptocurrency Apps Revolut Increased Their Offer Up To 21 Cryptocurrencies

Manoj Nair



Cryptocurrency Apps

Revolut, one of the largest Fintech companies boasts over 15 million users across the globe. The fintech company which is based in the UK is now offering to widen the number of crypto assets that it has in its coffers from 10 to 21.

The new crypto assets which have been included in its list are as follows-

  1. Cardano,
  2. Uniswap,
  3. Synthetix,
  4. Yearn Finance,
  5. Uma,
  6. Bancor,
  7. Filecoin,
  8. Numeraire,
  9. Loopring,
  10. Orchid,
  11. The Graph.

The new crypto assets which have been included by Revolut are one more indication that the company is trying to get even more deeply involved in the crypto sector business. It also reveals that the company is more than willing to invest in new technologies and widen the services it offers to its clients. It is also seen as a positive development for the crypto sector. It also is a sign of increasing acceptability and faith in digital assets something which the sector has been in difficult times.

However, the company was quick to remind us that investing in crypto assets is fraught with danger, especially considering the extreme volatility which is a characteristic of the sector. The rejoinder also warned investors to be prepared to lose all their investment

Cryptocurrency Apps-Salient Features

Cryptocurrency Apps are special software that enables investors to purchase, vend, or hold digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other tokens. They also enable users to exchange one crypto asset with another and are deemed a very versatile tool for investors who deal with crypto assets.

Some Cryptocurrency Apps also offer special customized features such as interest-bearing accounts, crypto lending, and staking (receiving prizes for holding onto certain cryptocurrencies). The apps work much akin to banking apps. The modus operandi is much similar- Create an account, verify identity, and start trading in crypto assets. One can also purchase crypto assets by using fiat currencies. Coinbase and Binance are the most popular Cryptocurrency Apps

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