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Youtuber Facing Lawsuit Gets Huge Support From Ripple CTO, Crypto Giants

Manoj Nair




Ben Armstrong who is a crypto buff and is better known by his nick name BitBoy has taken a You Tuber to the court by filing a lawsuit. The You Tuber named Atozy had made a YouTube video in which he charged BitBoy over allegedly scamming his audience.

 Atozy also took to Twitter to explain how Ben Armstrong by his project PAMP made a profit of $30,000 for a single promotion. Atozy also referenced a CNBC article which highlighted Armstrong’s action. The article also revealed that Armstrong was remorseful for the loss suffered by his followers. Atozy also asked the Twitter community to help him defend himself against the exorbitant litigation fees. The crypto community has come solidly behind the Youtuber.

Crypto Youtuber Obtains Funding Against Lawsuit

Many Big Whigs of the industry is also supporting the lone Youtuber. Armstrong had earlier posted on Twitter that he will oppose any false claims bade by anyone. This provoked Ripple CTO David Schwartz who countered Armstrong and asked him to provide details of any specific lie.

The CTO also riled Armstrong over the legalities of the case and quipped that no competent lawyer will use such statements which are just perceptions to be used as a smoking gun of a defamation lawsuit.

Another crypto influencer, Cobie doled out $100K to cover all his legal expenses.

Armstrong decided that it is better to retreat and withdrew the law suit against Atozy. He also said that he never wanted this fight to become a public spectacle. It is not the first time that Armstrong is locking horns with the crypto community. A few days ago he had to face a barrage of criticism for opining that Coinbase is about to be insolvent after closing its partnership program.

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