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NFT Community Thrilled, Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on Facebook

Manoj Nair




Facebook and NFT are two of the most significant techno events which have revolutionized how people interact and trade. Therefore, NFT on social media like Facebook is one of the stated goals of the crypto community.

Facebook has carved out a special niche as a giant media platform. It has become an unalienable part of the population. On the other hand, Non Fungible Tokens are other emerging technologies which has also enamored a section of the population in a very short space of time.

NFT Must Be On Facebook

Right from the birth of the Non-Fungible Tokens, the crypto community has been demanding that NFT must be available on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It seems that the dream is finally going to be realized. Meta, the company which runs Facebook has started an NFT support rollout on its platform.

The feature will be started on a small scale and will be available for a section of its uses in the US. However, it is expected to be scaled up in the future on a bigger scale. As per reports, Facebook will start the roll out of NFTs based on Ethereum and Polygon for a small portion of its users. A representative of the Meta Company has said that the company has future plans to add even more support for NFT and it could also include Solana and Flow.

More Features In The Pipeline For Future

The news has also been confirmed by the Product Manager at Meta, Navdeep Singh via a tweet that highlighted the Non-Fungible Tokens made available to Facebook. The feature will enable users to showcase their Non-Fungible Tokens and also browse through the collections of others.

There are reports that Facebook users will be able to connect their cryptocurrency wallets with their social media profiles. The users could change their Non Fungible Tokens into Facebook posts which could be read and interacted with just like any other Facebook post. Earlier Instagram also started a similar feature in May and it was also on a limited scale for selected users.

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