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Merge Upgrade Only 55% Of The Ethereum Expansion Plan –Vitalik Buterin

Manoj Nair



Merge Upgrade

Ethereum co-founder , Vitalik Buterin has plans much beyond the forthcoming Merge Upgrade in September. According to Buterin, it will constitute only 55% of the Ethereum expansion plan and there is more to come in the future. Buterin informed that there will be four more stages of upgrades which will follow the upgrade and will enable Ethereum to process about 100,000 transactions per second.

The next phase of the Ethereum ecosystem development was announced at the Ethereum Community Conference by Buterin. Buterin has big plans and revealed that there are four more updates in the offing after the Merge software.

Merge Upgrade Will Change Ethereum Consensus Mechanism

The Merge Upgrade will change Ethereum consensus mechanism from Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake. The switch will reduce the energy consumption by more than 99%. Vitalik has ambitious plans to ramp up scalability, speed, and decentralization for Ethereum and the four stages will be Surge, Verge, Purge and Splurge phases.

The Surge upgrade will unveil sharding on the platform and it will significantly increase speed and scalability. The second upgrade named Verge will improve storage and scalability. The Purge upgrade will enable validators to effortlessly store more data and reduce their bad debt. And lastly, the Splurge streamlines the process and ensures the success of the roadmap.

One big concern with Blockchain was its vulnerability to quantum computers to cause security breaches. Ethereum will ensure to make its platform resistant to quantum attacks in the long run.

In recent times Polygon has launched the launch of zkEVM in support of ETH with zero-knowledge rollups. The rollups has the support of Vitalik who declared that the platform can give greater space more transaction space to make such rollups cheaper.

Merge Upgrade : Is Ethereum The Next Cryptocurrency Brand Leader

Vitalik has clearly identified the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum and said that Bitcoin is 80% done as a Blockchain while Ethereum is only 40% done and the platform has much more steam and milestones to cover in the future.

If Vitalik’s quest to make the platform accomplish 100,000 transactions per second comes true, it will revolutionize the blockchain industry. Ethereum current transactions per second are in between 10 to 20 TPS.

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