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Just-In: Uniswap has come out fully in support of Ethereum Merge

Manoj Nair




Ethereum (ETH) Transitions Into  Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) Era After Successful Merge

Decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap has come out fully in support of Ethereum Merge and has cold shouldered Ethereum PoW. As the Ethereum platform transitions from PoW to PoS consensus the exchange has informed its users that its platform will not support Ethereum hard fork or its tokens in its Web App. Uniswap also informed users about the change in V3 oracles and replayability for Permits.

Uniswap Supports the Merge, Cold Shoulders Ethereum PoW

Uniswap Labs which runs the crypto exchange platform has already stated that it supports the Ethereum Merge and will not support any attempted Ethereum hard fork in its Web App. It also said that the Uniswap protocol and Web App will be working seamlessly without any bug through the Merge transition. Users do not have to upgrade anything amid the Merge.

Uniswap Labs had stated last week that it is eagerly awaiting the Ethereum Merge to be completed. It added that the Passover to PoS will be highly beneficial to both the Ethereum Platform as well as Uniswap Exchange since it is the biggest decentralized exchange on Ethereum. The company believes “it’s an important step in scaling web3 and immediately reduces the environmental impact of Ethereum.”

Uniswap has cautioned users about hiccups in third-party infrastructure providers such as nodes are down. The downtime may result in brief periods of unavailability. Uniswap also had advisories for those building on Ethereum. The advisories will help keep web3 safe after the Merge when dealing with replayable permits and TWAP oracles.

Support for Ethereum PoS Transition Continues to Grow

The Merge will be accomplished and as per Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, support for the Merge continues to grow from top exchanges as they turned down any support for Ethereum PoW or ETHW.

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