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Just In: Sunak Vs. Truss, Truss The Next PM Of UK, Crypto Community Anxiously Wait

Manoj Nair



Sunak Vs. Truss

In all probability, Mary Elizabeth Truss will become the next Premier of the UK. She beat the former Chancellor of the Exchequer to become the leader of the Tory conservative party in the UK. The election will have a considerable bearing on the cryptocurrency sector, and the industry is already in a state of gloom since Rishi Sunak was the torch bearer of the crypto sector. The election of Ms. Truss to the top executive post will have enormous ramifications for the industry.

Sunak Vs. Truss-Sunak The Golden Boy For The Crypto Sector

Rishi Sunak was the golden boy for the crypto sector, and its increased acceptance can be attributed to his untiring work. Sunak wanted to make the UK the crypto hub of the world. In his position as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, he was very open towards the crypto sector and, along with Economic Secretary of the Treasury John Glen, wanted to make the UK the crypto capital of the world.

Sunak Vs. Truss-Truss Obtains Unbeatable Lead

Liz Truss had obtained an unbeatable lead in comparison to Rishi Sunak. Truss and Sunak competed for the top executive post after Boris Johnson had to resign in the face of corruption charges and news that he had violated the strict COVID-19 lockdown regulations. Boris had to put in his papers after a number of his ministers and members had resigned and made it clear that they had lost faith in Boris Johnson.

Sunak Vs. Truss On Crypto in the UK

Sunak Vs. Truss, Sunak is the apple of the eye of the crypto sector community. He also tried to regulate stablecoins to make them an acceptable form of payment in the UK. Sunak strived to kick start a Financial Conduct Authority-led “crypto sprint .”He also made public his desire to create a new NFT with the help of the Royal Mint. Furthermore, he also wanted to give legal status to decentralized autonomous organizations or DAO.

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