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Hardcore Bitcoin Fan Jack Mallers’ Introduces Strike Visa Card For Bitcoin Payments



Strike Visa Card

Hardcore Bitcoin Fan Jack Mallers’ Bitcoin payments app Strike launched the much-awaited Visa Card on Friday. The Strike Visa Card enables users to directly deposit Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, send and receive money, Use Apple Pay and Google Pay to spend funds and also earn rewards without incurring any charges.

The Company detailed the launch of the Strike Visa Card in a series of tweets and said that it is offering real rewards. The Lightning Network -built payments app enables users to conduct payments earning rewards in the process.

The Strike Visa Card is available for every user who is waitlisted in the Strike app. Users are requested to follow the instructions and complete the process. The user will receive his Visa Card which will again unlock further rewards.

“The Strike Visa Card is here! A Visa card with real rewards for the real world. You can now take Strike anywhere and earn rewards on everyday spending. Join the waitlist in your Strike app for early access as we begin rolling out the card to everyone.”

The USP of the app is that it amalgamates traditional and crypto payments experience with additional perks like rewards and points.

User will get instant rewards for every spendings and there will be no extra transaction fees. The company also intends to donate 1% of all its Strike Card revenues for promoting open-source Bitcoin development. This is likely to drive massive bitcoin adoption.

If individual users refer the card to friends and family to adopt Strike Card, they can get their hand on additional rewards.

Strike Visa Card On An Overdrive For Bitcoin Adoption

Jack Mallers’ is a long time Bitcoin fan and is pulling out all the plugs to increase the use of Bitcoin as a payment option globally. In April it started by partnering commerce giant Shopify to make merchants accept payments in Bitcoin.

Strike’s Layer-2 solution Lightning Network converts Bitcoin to US dollar, making transactions quicker, low-priced, more comprehensive, more pioneering, more open. The Visa card will drive further Bitcoin adoption.

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