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Golddoge Sachs Launched the First-Ever Crypto ETF; Updates and Features



Golddoge Sachs Launched the First-Ever Crypto ETF; Updates and Features

The crypto market has reached new heights recently, and the major tech companies have made several long-term investments in the crypto market. The introduction of the crypto market in the field of financial investment is a breakthrough. Golddoge Sachs has introduced the maiden Crypto ETF to facilitate investors and crypto lovers to invest in stocks and other areas with minimized efforts. The new Crypto ETF is easily accessible to everyone, which makes it unique. GlobeNewswire reports that Golddoge Sachs earned users’ trust through extensive options that allowed investments in diversified equity funds and assets with a higher yield. 

Users buy a GDS token for investment

Golddoge Sachs has introduced investment options in the crypto market with the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) feature, which enables investors to maximize their returns. GlobeNewswire reports that users buy one Golddoge Sachs ($GDS) token, and the purchases lead to the investment pot with 14 blue cryptocurrency chips, including the giants like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, etc. As the crypto market rises, the investment pot continues building with further trading and offers returns. The increase in token demand increases its value, thus maintaining a balance. GlobeNewswire reports that the token comes with the blue-chip ETF and is now available on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

Golddoge Sachs’ tax and investment structure

Golddoge Sachs prioritizes users’ success through diversified investment options and DCA. The investment pot functions as a hedge that protects investors against financial losses. Golddoge Sachs levies a 15% tax on purchases, in which 2% goes to the development and 3% and 10% into the marketing and investment pot, respectively. The investment pot’s leverage effect enables users to earn a 300% greater return than self-investment. Golddoge Sachs is a secure and successful investment platform for users as it uses various metrics to determine the best possible investment options. Users can visit Golddoge Sachs’ official website to get detailed information.