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FBI Unearths Russian-Linked Cybercrime Group Behind Colonial Pipeline Attack

Manoj Nair



Colonial Pipeline

The FBI has identified the forces behind the ransomware assault against Colonial Pipeline

The Colonial Pipeline Hack was one of the most infamous acts by hackers who were then believed to operate deep in Eastern Europe in Russia. FBI has now been able to track the Ransomware trail, which leads to the Russian-connected cybercrime bunch DarkSide. The FBI has used Chainalysis’ crypto-tracer programming, which has been working with the authorities to rein in crypto violations.

In close cooperation with blockchain examination firm Chainalysis, the US FBI finally busted the group behind the Colonial Pipeline ransomware assault in May 2021, which ended up challenging the law enforcement agencies.

The assault caused deficiencies, alarm purchasing, and cost floods since Pioneer needed to stop its activity for six days. The company paid the ransomware to gauge the true extent of the exploit, and they spent the vindictive entertainer 75 Bitcoin, which was around $4.4 million at that point, as indicated by Bloomberg.

FBI Omni Potent Presence Everywhere Deputy Director Paul Abbate

Vindictive entertainers would like to do business by using digital currency since they are tough to follow, and clients can exploit nom de plumes and tends to that conceal their genuine personalities.

However, all the fantasies that such crypto transactions cannot be traced were busted by Chainalysis’ crypto-tracer programming, which was able to follow the actors who pulled out the Pilgrim Pipeline heist and pinpoint where the assets finally wound up.

It took just 30 days for the U.S. Branch of Equity to obtain all the Bitcoin Provincial paid to the programmers. With the crypto tracer program, the investigators could pinpoint the alleged perpetrators of the act and were connected to the Russian cybercrime bunch DarkSide.

The Colonial Pipeline bust is particularly historic because scamsters and drug peddlers use the anonymity of crypto assets to launder money obtained from their nefarious commerce. The increasing ascent of cryptocurrencies makes such regulatory and policing activity more critical.

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