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EthereumFair (ETF): Why It Has Gained Importance After Merge?

Manoj Nair



EthereumFair (ETF)

The Ethereum Merge process is officially done, and after the melee and dust have settled, it is time to look at the forked tokens of the past as it is evident after the latest Passover, the Ethereum Platform will work on the POS validation. The platform’s forked tickets in the past will still follow the PoW methodology.

Poloniex Crypto Exchange was vocal about the possibility of a fork token after the Merge software update. It came up with an important announcement- The crypto exchange has decided to add its weight behind the fork chain EthereumFair (ETF). The community’s majority supports the move. Not just the support, but ETF has more proof of work computing power as the main chain for ETHW tokens, it added.

EthereumFair (ETF) Future After Merge

Poloniex has also announced that it will support the whole class of other fork chains and tokens, going on the merits of those tokens. Therefore, ETHW was initially named after Ethereum’s now defunct consensus; proof of work (POW) will be rechristened as ETF, it stated in the announcement.

“Poloniex will rename ETHW as EthereumFair (ETF) and resume the trading of ETF markets (ETF/USDT, ETF/USDD, ETF/ETH) on September 15. The corresponding ETF markets will inherit the trading history of ETHW markets.”

Meanwhile, Poloniex also added that it would list other valid Ethereum fork tokens for trading in the coming days. “The ETF token is yet to be enabled for deposit or withdrawal.”

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