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Ethereum (ETH) Whales Strike Again, Buy $925 Million FTX Tokens

Manoj Nair




Ethereum (ETH) Whales Have Struck Again, Buy $925 Million FTX Tokens before a major deal which is in offing in Canada. FTX announced on Friday that they are going to expand in Canada. The whales are a group of investors who have deep knowledge and intelligence about forthcoming events which will have a deep impact on any particular crypto asset. The Ethereum Whales would have traded after receiving specific intelligence about the FTX expansion.

Well known whale transaction expert ad tracker WhaleStats revealed that a Wallet address named “BlueWhale0116″’ rake in a massive $782.6 million worth of FTX tokens. The wallet added 33 million FTT tokens in just 2 transactions followed by another $462.7 million worth of FTX tokens in the biggest transactions.

Later another $319.9 million worth of FTT tokens were again added and the wallet presently holds $472 million worth of FTX tokens. Another wallet named Bonobo” and “BlueWhale0079″ added 3 million FTT tokens (approx worth $142 million) each as reported by Whalestats.

FTX values Surge Due To Whale Exploit

Incidentally all these transactions took place before the FTX deal was announced officially. Whales have a reputation to influence crypto asset prices and often Whales clean sweep the tokes to make them scarce and thus augment the prices. And as expected the FTX token prices have jumped by 4%. The FTT token is trading at a usual price of $24.32, at the press time. However, the FTX prices have slumped by around 13% in the past 7 days. It is still holding a market cap of around $3.32 billion.

FTT Inches Shiba Inu Out

The whale exploit and the consequent surge in values have helped the FTT inch past Shiba Inu as the as the biggest coin held by the top ETH whales by the dollar value. As per the data, top whales are holding around $762 million worth of FTX tokens.

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