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Crypto Market Recovers From Post FTX Crash, BTC and ETH Values Soar

Manoj Nair



Crypto Market

The crypto collapse precipitated by the FTX bankruptcy is finally a thing to be put behind, and investors are again returning to the market. Several crypto assets are trading in the green, which signifies that the market is slowly recovering.

The Crypto Market Recovery-Causes

This year’s thanksgiving is not very good for the Crypto Market. Black Friday is just around the corner, and it is a good sign that investors are looking to invest in the crypto sector will see a lot of wild swings with demand and supply going up and down.

The number one and two crypto assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum, surged by 0.85% and 4.09%, respectively. Curve DAO stole the day with a massive surge of almost 45%. The crypto sector market cap rose by 5.9% and stood at $838.5 billion. However, the crypto market volume contracted by 2.3% and was pegged at $65.2 billion.  

Crypto Market Major Gainers

Bitcoin (BTC) surged by a small margin and was changing hands at $16,550.71 with a 24 hrs. low of $16,347 and a high of $16771.48. The number one crypto asset had a market capitalization of $318,022,984,698 and a 24 hrs. volume of $30,144,157,736. BTC had a circulating supply of 19,215,831.00 BTC. The number one crypto asset was launched anonymously in 2008 and started the crypto revolution. It became the most visible face of Block Chain.

Source: coinmarketcap

The number two crypto asset Ethereum was up by 2.32% and changed hands at $1,196.34. It saw a 24 hrs. high of $1211.63 and a low of $1153.53. The crypto asset was launched in 2015 and recently underwent a software upgrade that changed its verification process from proof of work to proof of stake validation. The number two crypto asset had a market capitalization of $146,297,482,639 and a 24 hours volume of $10,818,289,915. It had a circulating supply of 122,373,866.22 ETH.

Source: coinmarketcap

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