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Cardano (ADA) Price Tanks Post Vasil Hard Fork, Charles Hoskinson Unveils Daedalus Turbo Wallet

Manoj Nair



Vasil Hard Fork has failed to bring back bullish sentiments and Cardano (ADA) values have hit its lowest values this year. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson opines that there is an urgent need for a certified wallet to improve decentralization and sync speed. Hoskinson is proposing Cardano wallet algorithm Daedalus Turbo. The wallet will increase 10 times the sync speed as compared to the present Daedalus wallet.

Charles Hoskinson Shares Insights on Daedalus Turbo Wallet

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson detailed the Cardano wallet Daedalus Turbo proposal through a YouTube video on September 28, 2022. The proposal has been approved by the community and managed to get funds to the tune of $759,000. Daedalus Turbo algorithm is touted to have 10x synchronization time than the current Daedalus wallet.

The proposal goes on to argue that the present centralized Cardano wallet Daedalus, is very sluggish and lethargic and often takes a complete day to sync and again hours to resync if it is run occasionally. The condition is particularly excruciating for new users who are put off by the lethargic sync speed. Charles blames it on the computing.

Charles hopes to get over the notion of an official wallet and use the benchmarks as a beacon for the developers to release certified wallets.

“We hope to get rid of the notion of an official wallet altogether and instead have a certified wallet versus non-certified, and under the certification standards, you can put functional and non-functional requirements, including benchmarking and performance requirements for user experience. It would be really cool to build some protocols to make things run faster. That was the point.”

However the community is not happy for the clearing of the proposal for creating a technically infeasible Daedalus wallet and also setting aside 6% of the total Catalyst budget to a single proposal.

Cardano (ADA) Price Tanks After Vasil Hard Fork

Cardano (ADA) price could not build up on the momentum and buzz generated by the Vasil hard fork on September 22 and 27 and values have tanked to its lowest values this year. Experts had earlier warned that Cardano (ADA) values will tank after the hard fork because it has happened in the past also.

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