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Binance CEO “CZ” Intends To Make France Europe’s Crypto Hub

Manoj Nair




Binance has been in a diversification mode and spreading its wings in Europe. France will soon become Europe’s Crypto Hub, as per Binance CEO “CZ,” who was in conversation with French Minister for Digital Transition Jean-Noël Barrot. CZ discussed several issues, including crypto promotion, education, Web3, and blockchain development. He also revealed that the exchange wants to make Paris its European hub. In the process, the crypto exchange will hire hundreds from the talent pool in France and collaborate on Web3 and blockchain development.

Binance Commits Crypto Hub in France

As per Binance CEO “CZ,” France is to become the nodal center for the blockchain community. France has many human resources with engineering and mathematics backgrounds, which is one of the reasons the exchange has so much interest in the country.

Binance footprints are increasing in Europe, and its particular focus is France. It has already hired over 150 employees in Paris and is planning to hire hundreds of professionals. Binance also finds the French Government and regulators better aligned and forthright in their goals, KYC, and AML rules. They are also aware of the future role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The number one crypto exchange has its biggest crypto hub in France, which manages all its commercial activities across Europe. The business also intends to train 10,000 people in underserved French communities.

The French Government, led by President Emmanuel Macron, is very open to new technological advances like the Web3 ecosystem and the crypto ecosystem. French Minister for Digital Transition Jean-Noël Barrot also reiterated his Government’s resolve to focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3, and other related spaces.

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