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Tornado Cash Receives Unprecedented Support From Blockchain And Crypto Community

Manoj Nair



Tornado Cash

While the U.S.  has sanctioned Tornado Cash on money laundering charges the virtual currency mixer is getting support from a number of quarters. The U.S. actions have been questioned by The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an international digital rights group.

EFF is a non-profit organization which aims to spread internet civil liberties. In the past it has locked horns with the government and scored many key wins against the federal government and its agencies notably FCC. It has also prevailed and pressured the Congress.

Tornado Cash is a platform which mixes the cryptocurrencies and obliterates its history and make them untraceable. The U.S. Treasury has indicted Tornado Cash of money laundering and has sanctioned it. Virtual currency mixer was used as a front for the stolen crypto. The hackers include sanctioned groups from North Korea also.

Tornado Cash Obtains Huge Support

The banned Tornado Cash is receiving unprecedented support from the crypto and the blockchain communities. Tornado Cash is reportedly employed by Vitalik Buterin to send crypto donations to war torn Ukraine. Vitalik reportedly used the services of Tornado Cash make the donation anonymous to protect the identity of the recipients.

Developer advocate for Chainlink, Patrick Collins charged the US Treasury of fulfilling the interests of the hackers by banning privacy tools. Describing Tornado Cash as a double-edged sword which has both good and bad uses but essentially it is a neutral technology.

The Chief of policy at Blockchain Association, Jake Chervinsky, termed the OFAC action tantamount to crossing a line it has always respected. Blockchain developers have built an alternative website which will enable the use of the banned platform.

The US Government Actions Questioned By The EFF

The US government actions has been questioned by the EFF who said that an open-source platform cannot be sanctioned for deeds by other entities. Describing the code as free speech and the US actions violates the First Amendment Rights of the people.

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