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Building Your Own BlockChain On Substrate Blockchain – Part 2?

Manoj Nair



substrate blockchain

Web 3 can be described as a decentralized Blockchain iteration on the internet which enables developers to create varied Blockchain apps which can freely interact with one another as well as other networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The vision of Web3 being a decentralized blockchain-based version of the internet was envisaged recently.  It envisages developers being able to create different blockchain applications that can interact with each other and with networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Blockchain framework enables the developers to save a lot of development time and expense in creating applications by using in-built templates in the Blockchain. Substrate Blockchain which is a free Blockchain framework enables developers to create their very own customized Blockchain which is time tested and powered by a huge ecosystem of Blockchain spread across the world.

Working Of Substrate Blockchain

Substrate Blockchain also contains a large number of tools and libraries as well as the primary blockchain software development kit (SDK). SDK has been used to create the Polkadot layer-0 protocol. It is used by developers to create different types of blockchain.

The node is the primary block of a Blockchain and uses the decentralized web of computers which are interlinked and maintains the current ledger with the latest transactions. Every node in the Blockchain services both the client and the server, catering to requests for data as per requirements.

 One added advantage with any Substrate Blockchain node is that the operational responsibilities are split to provide a modular framework for building blockchains. Every substrate employs twin entities- outer node which caters to network activities and a runtime entity which checks the transaction validity as well as looking at the changes in blockchain’s state transition functions.

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