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Binance Pool Adds Its Weight To Mining Firms To Support Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Manoj Nair



Binance Pool

As the Ethereum platform continues with its Merge upgrade and changeover to Proof of stake validation, Binance, the biggest crypto exchange in the world, has announced its support for Ethereum Classic (ETC). Additionally, Binance Pool is offering “zero” mining fees service for ETC mining until October 9.

Binance Pool Offers Zero Fee Ethereum Classic (ETH) Mining

One of the top mining pools in the world, Binance Pool is ranked as the 7th-largest mor ETC mining and ranks 12th in Ethereum (ETH) mining, and it has come to the rescue of miners who will become jobless after the Merge.

Binance Pool Will Support ETC Mining

Binance is laying the red carpet to attract miners to use its mining pool for ETC mining. In a bid to attract the miners it is offering Binance Pool is offering zero fees for ETC mining from September 9 to October 9. To participate, the miners must complete identity information and receive rewards in their mining account.

In a statement, Binance said, “All users who contribute hash rate to the ETC Pool during the Promotion Period will enjoy zero pool fees for ETC mining.”

Users can get VIP membership by emailing [email protected] to increase the hash rate. Also, users can enjoy discounted fees in VIP membership. However, Binance also warned that it would disqualify any user committing fraud. Moreover, Binance has the right to cancel or modify promotion rules.

ETC also got support from other mining pools, including Ethermine, Antpool,, and F2Pool, and some are also like Binance, offering “zero” mining fees for ETC mining. has launched an ETC mining pool, offering 3-month of fee-free ETC mining, while ETC mining pool F2Pool has welcomed miners to ETC, RVN, CFX, and other coins. F2Pool started “Zero” commission fees for ETC mining until September 30.

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