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Shiba Inu Growth Surges To New Heights

Manoj Nair



Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu values have been surging at an unprecedented rate and are now very close to the two million mark. As per the @letsburnshiba Twitter account the much touted Dogecoin killer growth momentum is not slowing down and today the number of wallets is amounting to 1,989,215.

Shiba Inu Largest Crypto Token By US Dollar values

As per the data received from WhaleStats website, the meme coin has become the largest crypto token by US Dollar values.  The unveiling of the Shibaverse, has boosted the standing of the SHIB community and it has become one of the most trusted communities.

Buoyed by the popularity of SHIB metaverse (Shibaverse), Shiba Inu has carved a niche for itself in the cryptocurrency sector. The total numbers of Shiba Inu holders are surging by the passing hour and thousands of new members are being added every hour and this number is getting closer to the two million mark.

This statement is in reference to the fact that SHIB community is adding, according to various sources, around a thousand new members on hourly basis. This is a clear indication that despite the current instance of crypto winter, when major crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are biting the dust, it is a pleasant surprise that generation 3 cryptocurrencies are still afloat and surging growth gives hope.

It could be one of the reasons for Ethereum whales’ SHIB holdings have crossed over $500 million mark, once again. As of this writing, whales own $525,200,856 worth of Shiba. The whales will never invest in a loosing

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