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ETHW Hard Fork Gets Unexpected Support, Will It Affect Ethereum

Manoj Nair



ETHW Hard Fork

The Ethereum Merge will be over in a few hours (4 hours before it goes live). At the end of this upgrade, the Paris upgrade, which is just 1000 blocks away from being triggered, will signify the end of the POW or the proof of work into proof of stake validation. However, many miners working on the POW will get unemployed, and they are talking of a hard fork in the offing. The ETHW Hard Fork which will continue with the Proof of Work methodology, is receiving much support.

 Why Former Miners Are Supporting ETHW Hard Fork

ETHW has revealed that the group is receiving broad support for the ETHW Hard Fork across the community and large mining rigs, including f2pool,, and poolin, who have already stated that they will support ETHW mining after the Merge. Earlier, f2pool, the second biggest mining pool, was all in favor of the changeover but has had a change of mind.

The ETHW community has released a list of 18 major mining pools supporting ETHW mining. Eight pools have already started operation for the ETHW testnet. The Ethereum Hard Fork will be mineable 24 hours after the Merge.

Major exchanges have already stated that they will be supporting the ETHW community. It also includes Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain and owner of the Poloniex exchange, who will list the ETHW token. Crypto exchanges like Huobi and BitMEX also supported the hard fork.

Effect Of ETHW Hard Fork On Ethereum  

There is no shortage of experts terming the Merge a disaster; it also includes DeBank Defi, a significant crypto portfolio company. However, companies like Chainlink, a brilliant contract company, have stated they will not support any hard fork tokens.

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