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Embittered Celsius Users Are Uniting To Take The Fight To The Logical End With Crowdfunding

Manoj Nair




The Celsius Bankruptcy which triggered one of the biggest crises in the crypto sector and left the crypto community in a disarray and eroded the values of a number of crypto coins. Embittered Celsius users are uniting to take the fight to the logical end and get back their money. The user community are herding together and are in pursuit of numerous legal options open before them. They are using the social media as a tool to unite all the investors who lost their money in the Celsius bankruptcy. They are also utilizing crowdfunding route to collect money.

Celsius Users Join Hands

As per a Bloomberg report a thousand Celsius users have joined hand together and formed a Telegram group. They have started crowdfunding for the cause of getting the users their lost money which was lost when Celsius sank. And not just Reddit, even Telegram and Twitter are now the focal points of discussion for the community of Celsius users. The users are planning to take the fight to the end and have started a campaign to collect signatures and send it to Judges on the Celsius case.

“The ‘Celsius Custody Accts’ group amassed more than 950 members on Telegram since being promoted on Reddit. Several dozen users have coughed up $1,500 or more to join the group’s committee.”

The crowdfunding has been able to collect a modest amount of $3,000 from small donors. When the Celsius was booming and everything was fine the group were very active on the social media. The Celsius Reddit group has more than 47,000 active users as per the Bloomberg report said. The same group has now become the focal point for a united fight for return of user funds.

Taking A Cue Voyager Users Join Hands Too

Taking a cue from the Celsius community, the Voyager account holder community is also quite active in their fight. Members in the group have collected $5000 and are discussing various legal recourses available before them. In the first week of July, Voyager filed for bankruptcy.

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