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Cardano (ADA) Values Tank But A Recovery Likely

Manoj Nair




The current crypto winter is precipitating a crash in values of many crypto assets. However the bearish sentiments have affected Cardano (ADA) the most. The coin is down 3.33% when reports last came in at $0.4898 compared to steady gains across most other top-10 cryptocurrencies.

Earlier the Cardano token had recovered after a much hyped blockchain’s upcoming Vasil Hard Fork but the enthusiasm is waning now. ADA is presently trading 25% lower than its values in June and it has reached its nadir in the last 14 months.

ADA had suffered a steep fall in daily trading volume when it tanked from a peak of $2.4 billion earlier this month, to about $700 million over the past two weeks. However lower volumes is also an indicator of a forthcoming rally as whales are sure to capitalize on the opportunities.

Cardano Witness Fall In Unique Addresses, Sentiment

Latest data from blockchain analytics firm Santiment reveal that number unique addresses relating on Cardano has tanked to its lowest levels this year. Sentiments towards the Blockchain has also fallen to the lowest ever since the break of the Ukraine Russia conflict. Cardano saw about 53,050 unique addresses interacting on the chain on Monday, and an average of 73,204 addresses over the past 30 days.

Other Altcoins also has faced similar problems and most of them have seen a steep fall in their values. The current crypto winter has seen top 10 altcoins values tank by 50% to 80% of their value. ADA is down about 63%. However as is the rule, the sharp fall in prices and trading volumes could also lead especially the ADA for a sharp rally.

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