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Cardano (ADA) Price Surges After Vasil Hard Fork Date Finalized

Manoj Nair




Cardano (ADA) price has been surging since founder Charles Hoskinson, and IOHK broke the news that the Vasil hard fork will happen on September 22. Prices of the coin have surged by 6%, and the last hour has risen by 4%. The Cardano (ADA) Price surge has been attributed to increasing interest from whales and investors.

Exchanges and DApps Get Ready For The Vasil Hard Fork And Cardano (ADA) Price Surge

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson and IOHK broke the news on Friday and said the Vasil hard fork is finally happening on September 22. Notably, the long-awaited Vasil Hard Fork has already been delayed twice, first in June and then in July. IOHK and the developer team of Cardano are conducting exhaustive tests to enable a smooth network transition.All these developments are precipitating a Cardano (ADA) Price surge,

Popular Cardano whale “ADA Whale” in a tweet shared the bullish sentiment on Cardano.

“Cardano is the first protocol since Ethereum that’s rolling out a DeFi ecosystem largely without a VC leg up. It has security, decentralisation, community and soon throughput to succeed & equivalents to Compound (Liqwid), AAVE (AADA) and Curve/Maker (Ardana) lined up + much more.”

Charles Hoskinson had earlier hinted that The Vasil Hard Fork on the Cardano Mainet would happen by September. The date was finalized after getting details on preparedness by SPOs and crypto exchanges.

Three benchmarks have been set for the Vasil Hard Fork –

  • 75% block production by SPOs running 1.35.3 node
  • Major exchanges upgrading to 1.35.3 node
  • Major DApps testing against the node.

All the parameters have jumped over 85%. Hence the date for the Vasil Fork is now final and it is causing the Cardano (ADA) Price surge.

Major crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bitrue, and MEXC, are “ready” for the Vasil hard fork. Other crypto exchanges are preparing for the hard fork, including Upbit, Coinbase, WhiteBit, BKEX, and HitBT. Some Exchanges like AAX, ChangellyPRO, and are still to start node upgrades. Interestingly Binance accounts for 30%-40% of the Cardano trade volume.7 out of 10 DApps have concluded testing against the 1.35.3 node, which includes Minswap, Lending Pond, Aada, quadrant, etc.

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