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BSC Whales Prefer Ripple XRP, Own $15.09 Million Worth Of XRP Tokens

Manoj Nair




Crypto Sector is in a state of meltdown and it is also time for whales to make their kill. One such altcoins is Ripple’s XRP which has become the hot favorite of BSC Whales. XRP values have been tanking for some time due to the long running legal wrangle with SEC. However recent rulings in favor of the token have sent its values up and it has become the favorite for some of the biggest BSC whales.  

BSC Whales Hoard $15 Million Value Ripple XRP

If data obtained from whalestats is correct, Ripple XRP is the most sought smart contracts among the top 1000 and 500 BSC whales in the last 24 hours. The data also reveals that the top 2000 BSC whales own a whopping $15.09 million worth of XRP tokens.

The latest whale activity started post the important announcement regarding the Ripple vs SEC law suit. Judge Netburn negated the commission’s assertions over Himan’s infamous ETH speech. The court asked the SEC to produce those internal documents.

The Judge also ordered the commission to produce the 2 proposed redactions for an in-camera review. The Ripple XRP law team is expecting the SEC to appeal against the decision to Judge Torres. The commission could also seek an extension of one to two weeks to give time to prepare and file an objection.

Bitrue Puts Its Weight Behind Ripple XRP Pairs

XRP has also obtained support in the form of Bitrue, cryptocurrency exchange which put its weight behind Ripple and fully supports Ripple Pairs. Bitrue said that it will be listing 10 new XRP pairs-


XRP has been mostly immune to the melee which was sweeping across crypto sector and its prices has remained mostly stable in the past one month when majority of crypto assets have lost 75% of its values.

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