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Breaking: Big Eyes Coin, New Cat-Themed Meme Coin Rubs Shoulders With Dogecoin

Manoj Nair



Meme Coin

Meme coins are one of the fascinating developments in the cryptocurrency market. Most meme coins are designed to elicit pleasure and a sense of community. The first such coin, which was then dubbed a joke, was Dogecoin (DOGE). DOGE was much ahead of the curve, making investors magnates and constantly taking over the internet while concentrating on recollecting its dedicated fans.

The launch of Dogecoin has led to several similar canine-themed altcoins, and one of the most promising was Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu (SHIB) was dubbed the Doge killer, but today, we will talk about Big Eyes Coin (BIG). The latest meme coin has chosen to widen the buzz of meme currencies to the point of establishing real-world value. Let us check why Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could be the best meme coin for long-term cryptocurrency investment.

The Birth Of The First Meme Coin

When Bitcoin was surging in popularity and enabling investors to make unbelievable profits, Dogecoin (DOGE) was first introduced in 2013 as a spoof that made a mockery of the speculative nature of crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, what seemed a joke soon became serious business, and DOGE gained value due to the volatility of the Crypto Assets. Coupled with solid backing from Elon Musk, the maverick CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, DOGE values surged unbelievingly.

DOGE differs from other meme coins because it has a dedicated and lively community that trades with it and exploits it as tip money for social media content. When it was launched, it did not have much value, but today DOGE token is one of the top ten largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

The latest entrant in this niche is Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and it is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Is the new kid on the block, on a mission to dethrone established names like It is an exciting new meme coin that uplifts the community to new heights. The meme coin is not canine-based but is based on the most significant antagonist of canines-the cat. The coin is centered on a feline with Big Eyes who was reared by a scientist couple that worked at NASA until their terrible death in an accident.

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